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The natural gas high-pressure storage system is constructed from a number of special high-pressure vessels which are all mounted on a single rack.

The storage system is suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors or can even be housed entirely separately. The storage modules meet the most exacting safety requirements.

With Fast-Fill filling stations, 3 „rack stores” are used for intermediate storage. These storage modules consist of 3 logically structured storage sections: the top rack, the middle rack and the bottom rack.

The standard capacity is 10 – 42 high-pressure storage bottles per storage module. Each bottle has a capacity of 80 litres. This enables capacities of 263 m³ to 1107 m³ of natural gas to be achieved at 300 barg. Other capacities are available on request.

The storage capacity required is determined by the number of vehicles to be refuelled one immediately after the other during peak load operation.

Weatherproof sheet steel or concrete housings or open design for installation in an existing building can be selected as appropriate for the type of installation and the installation site.


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