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LCC I – Control panel for gas injection technology from 5 to 400 bar

LCC I control panel
LCC I control panel


The new LCC I series features 1 to 2 high-pressure proportional valves and is particularly suitable wherever space is at a premium and continuous operation is the order of the day.

The LCC I can be installed directly on the die or the injection-moulding machine. Data is entered and modified using a laptop which can be purchased as an optional extra.

Dane techniczne

Technical data for the LCC I control panel
Display: External laptop
Data storage: On internal CF card, external via USB (program data and process data)
Interface: Ethernet port for the connection of a laptop
FCC / injection-moulding machine synchronisation: Compatible with EUROMAP 62
Cleaning cycle: Automatic
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions (L × W × H): 390 × 350 × 420 mm
Weight: 27 kg (2 valves)
Long cable for remote control: 6 m
Technical data for the control module
Proportional valves: 1 to 2
Type: High-pressure proportional valve
Max. input pressure: 420 bar
Control pressure range: 5 to 400 bar
Accuracy: ± 5 bar
Power supply: 24 V, 5 A min. per channel
Filter: 25 µm


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