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Gas injectors

Gas injectors: The BAUER injector range for all gas injection processes

BAUER gas injectors
BAUER gas injectors


Made from stainless steel, the powerful BAUER gas injectors are entirely compatible for use with all types of gas injection process.

A definite advantage is the ease with which the injectors can be accessed for quick and easy cleaning.

Dane techniczne

Gas injectors
Product reference Diameter L A Thread
N27120 DAI0326-A 3 mm 26 mm 2,5 mm M3
N27121 DAI0428-A 4 mm 28 mm 3,5 mm M4
N27122 DAI0530-A 5 mm 30 mm 4,5 mm M5
N27123 DAI0633-A 6 mm 33 mm 5 mm M6
N27124 DAI0836-A 8 mm 36 mm 7 mm M8
N27125 DAI1042-A 10 mm 42 mm 9 mm M10
N27126 DAI1246-A 12 mm 46 mm 10 mm M12

Other dimensions and version with gasket on request.


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