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Natural gas supply for engine test benches

Natural gas supply of engine test benches: For the comprehensive testing of engines powered by natural gas under real conditions

Daimler, Stuttgart
MB Tech, Munich
MB Tech, Munich
Daimler, Stuttgart
MB Tech, Munich
MB Tech, Munich


The development of engines powered by natural gas necessitates that they are tested extensively under real conditions.

All engine properties can only be tested to the fullest possible extent if continuous operation (including under extreme conditions) can be simulated.

For this reason, BAUER has developed a range of system components specifically for natural gas supply to engine test benches. Whether to supply a single test station or a number of test stations in parallel, for a new test bench or to expand existing test benches, we are able to offer you excellent solutions tailored to meet your needs and in full compliance with local and international regulations.

The natural gas supply is customised so that it fits perfectly into the existing infrastructure and is adapted to meet the actual requirements of the test benches. Natural gas refuelling points with the required final pressure, the corresponding safety infrastructure and data interfaces to the test bench control centre complete this concept for safe gas supply.

All system components (compressors, gas dryers, system controls, storage units and refuelling points, for example) are BAUER KOMPRESSOREN products and are based on our extensive experience and expertise of high-pressure systems dating back many years.

They are perfectly matched to achieve optimum performance when combined and offer our customers 100% BAUER quality, Made in Germany.

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Capacity overview: CFS DUO I / ECO series

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