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Bio-methane Recompressor units

Recompressor units: For the recompression of bio-methane / natural gas in a higher-grade grid

Recompressor unit in Nördlingen, Germany
Recompressor unit in Nördlingen, Germany


Indirectly connected to bio-methane production, this application is the ideal system for seasonal balancing of fluctuations in transport and grid overloads.

Should a low-pressure line become overloaded (due to repeated bio-methane infeed, for example), excess natural gas / bio-methane mixture can be fed into a higher-grade grid.

This enables better use to be made of buffer volumes in high-pressure transport systems.

CFS DUO series for the recompression of bio-methane / natural gas

This series has been developed and successfully introduced specifically for the recompression of natural gas (natural gas / bio-methane mixtures).

It is characterised in particular by its variable output pressure which can be adapted to a given grid pressure. The typical scope of delivery of a recompressor unit essentially comprises the compressor (recompressor), its electrical control system and the requisite high-pressure system.

The basic version of the CFS DUO is designed for operation with one compressor (DUO I). If the delivery quantity of bio-methane increases, a second compressor can easily be added to the system (DUO II).

Dane techniczne

Due to the large variance of the performance data required for bio-methane projects of this type we request that you direct any queries directly to us if you are interested.


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