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Mother-daughter refuelling system

Mother-daughter refuelling system: The ideal concept for transporting and distributing natural gas in regions without an existing natural gas pipeline system

MB 7200 mobile storage system
Trailer at ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company)
Mother station at ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company)
MB 7200 mobile storage system
Trailer at ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company)
Mother station at ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company)


A system of this type provides a means of supplying natural gas to remote stations that are not connected to the local gas grid without having to go to the expense and effort of installing the necessary infrastructure. The mother-daughter refuelling system represents a virtual pipeline.

Mother station (online station)

The concept of the mother station is based on the CNG compressor types used in the MFS and CFS series.

All of the storage systems and refuelling equipment in the BAUER portfolio can be combined with the compressor models of the mother station.

The modular way in which the system is designed and built makes it possible to dimension the mother station so that, in accordance with prevailing refuelling requirements,

It can support medium and high daily CNG capacities of up to 1800 passenger cars/day for the MB7200 mobile storage systems to be filled.

Dimensioned based on the MFS, CFS SMALL, CFS LARGE or CFS ECO series, the mother station can be enclosed inside a concrete or steel housing.

Daughter station (offline station)

The CFS 22.9 DS booster daughter station has been developed and successfully introduced for this special application.

Its primary task is to make the best possible use of the natural gas stored in the MB7200 mobile storage system under high pressure to fill its own cylinders and for further refuelling purposes.

When the mobile storage system is at high pressure, the daughter station will also allow vehicles to be refuelled directly from the mobile storage system. This concept enables high daily capacities to be reached.

MB 7200 mobile storage system

The MB 7200 storage system provides mobile cascaded high-pressure storage for a natural gas capacity of 2400 m³. Integrated refuelling equipment is provided for filling at the mother station and emptying at the daughter station.

Mother-daughter refuelling systems can be designed with tree or more mobile storage systems depending on requirements, thus safeguarding 100% availability of natural gas at the offline or daughter station.

Dane techniczne

Capacity overview: Mother station

Free delivery [Nm³/h]
(0°C, 1013 mbar)

Technical data for the mother station
Technical data for the mother station

Gas intake pressure [barg]





CFS 23.10 DUO II

CFS 23.12 DUO II

CFS 24.11 DUO II

CFS 24.12 DUO II





CFS 26.10 DUO II

CFS 26.12 DUO II

CFS 52.10 DUO II

CFS 52.12 DUO II


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