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50 – 520 bar, powietrze (seria GIB-SP)

Water-cooled high-pressure compressors in the GIB-SP-series in the pressure range 50 – 520 bar – for heavy-duty operation in industrial applications

BAUER GIB 26-SP water-cooled, high-pressure compressor
BAUER GIB 26-SP water-cooled, high-pressure compressor


Chłodzenie głowic zaworów redukuje obciążenie termiczne: minimalizacja zużycia

Instalacja nawet w najtrudniejszych warunkach otoczenia: dzięki dedykowanemu chłodzeniu wodą bloku kompresora 

Low compression temperatures and operating temperatures: thanks to a multi-stage compression process

Fully equipped: with soft starting and B-CONTROL II

The combination of the screw compressor and high-pressure booster enables a high level of free air delivery with compact dimensions. The compression process involves 3 respectively 5 stages, keeping compression temperatures to a minimum.

By using targeted water cooling between the interstage and afterstage coolers and valve heads, the system enables the majority of the heat produced to be absorbed by the cooling water.

As a result, these industrial high-pressure compressors require very little maintenance and achieve long service lives. At the same time, they are quieter than comparable air-cooled compressors and designed specifically for continuous use in industrial applications (heavy-duty use).

Dane techniczne

GIB-SP series, water-cooled compressors, 110 / 365 / 420 / 520 bar
free air delivery ¹
Max. operating
pressure ²
Number of
compressor stages
consumption ¹
Net weight approx.
  l/min m³/h cfm bar psig   rpm kW kW kg lbs
GIB 26.7-SP-110 15000 900 530 110 1600 3 1485 315 260 4600 10140
GIB 26.12-SP-365 10400 624 367 365 5300 5 1485 250 213 4400 9700
GIB 26.12-SP-420 10400 624 367 420 6100 5 1485 250 220 4400 9700
GIB 26.5-SP-520  
624 367 520 7540 5 1485 250 227 4400 9700

1 Free air delivery according to ISO 1217, power consumption at maximum final pressure under certain conditions. Other ambient conditions result in different performance data. Direct-coupled units: Values valid for 50 Hz.
2 Max. operating pressure = max. safety valve pressure setting; reduced switch-off pressure.


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