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B-TIMER for monitoring P 21/P 31/P 41 P-filter systems

B-TIMER filter cartridge monitoring
B-TIMER filter cartridge monitoring


Filter cartridge monitoring with the B-TIMER is easy, reliable and cost-effective! The B-TIMER can only be relied upon to operate correctly when used in BAUER compressor systems and with original BAUER filter systems and cartridges.

The compact mini-computer counts the operating hours and accurately determines the saturation of the filter cartridges in the BAUER P-filter system.
Clear signals are output when cartridges need to be changed or maintenance is due.
Compatible with all mobile BAUER compressors; also suitable for retrofitting, but only in conjunction with BAUER P-filter systems!

The increasing level of saturation of the P-filter cartridge can be tracked at all times on the four-segment display. When the residual capacity falls below 20%, the last segment starts to flash and instead of the operating hours, the order number for the filter cartridge is displayed so that a replacement be purchased. All 4 segments of the display will flash when the cartridge reaches the end of its service life.

The key symbol indicates that maintenance is due. The letters A to C indicate which BAUER maintenance kit is required.

Safety: The battery indicator provides advance warning of battery replacement being due.
The operating hours and maintenance times are saved in the device RAM even when the battery is replaced or if the unit is put into storage for a prolonged period without a battery.

Assembly couldn't be easier: There are no pipes or cabling to connect – a screwdriver is all you need!

Extremely hard-wearing: for use all over the world even under the harshest outdoor conditions (protected against dust and spray water, impervious to salt, direct sunlight, high air humidity and sand).


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