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BAUER Nitrox compressor MARINER 320-OX

MARINER 320 Nitrox – One of the most powerful mobile compressors for the compression of nitrox and breathing air in the world

BAUER Nitrox compressor MARINER 320-OX
BAUER Nitrox compressor MARINER 320-OX


Fitted with B-CONTROL II compressor control

Temperature monitoring of all stages and in the final separator

Maximum FAD combined with minimum space requirements put the MARINER 320 firmly at the top of the PROFI-LINE II range.

Exuding professional quality and tailor-made for any application at 320 l/min, the MARINER 320 is one of the most powerful mobile compressors in the world.

The incredibly durable block and corrosion-resistant components make this compressor suitable for use even under the toughest climate conditions.

Thanks to the extensive range of BAUER accessories, the MARINER 320 can be customised to meet all manner of different requirements and intended uses.

Dane techniczne

MARINER 320 Nitrox high-pressure compressor up to 225 bar, 320 l/min
Charging rate ¹ Drive Filter
L × W × H
  l/min Motor kW   Approx. kg cm
MARINER 320-E-OX 320 Three-phase motor, 400 V, 50 Hz ² 7.5 P 41 165 130 × 64 × 70

¹ Measured with cylinder filling from 0 to 200 bar, ±5%
² Option of different voltage/frequency available


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