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External BAUER filling panels

External BAUER filling panels

Filling panel with hose coupling
Filling panel with direct coupling
Filling panel with control interface
Operating panel
Filling panel with hose coupling
Filling panel with direct coupling
Filling panel with control interface
Operating panel


Complete filling stations are used for quick and efficient filling of breathing air cylinders. The main components of a filling station are the compressor unit, the storage system, the automatic selector unit, the switch-over valve and the filling panel.

The external BAUER filling panel is designed to function as a separate filling panel for mounting on the wall. Equipped with a remote control, it is ideal for installation in another room.

The filling valves are made from highly pressure-resistant brass, making them incredibly resistant to the wide and varied climate conditions encountered throughout the world.

The filling hoses surpass the strict safety requirements applicable to the filling of breathing air cylinders and are pivot-mounted at the ends of the hoses.
They ensure that you, the operator of the filling station, are provided with the best possible and safe conditions at all times to make filling breathing air cylinders easy.

The lever filling valve is equipped with a silencer for effective noise protection during filling.

Rebound protection in the filling valves provides effective protection for persons and ensures a high level of operational safety even if the filling valve is opened unintentionally.

The number of filling valves on a filling panel can be 1, 2, 4, 6 or 10.
The number of filling valves should be specified according to the free air delivery of the compressor.

The free air delivery determines how long it takes to fill the breathing air cylinders. Each pressure range is protected by a safety valve.

The filling panel with pressure reducer enables breathing air cylinders to be filled simultaneously at different pressures. Conversely, the filling panel with switch-over valve, only supports one pressure range for filling cylinders.

External BAUER filling panels are available to buy and use as optional accessories for all BAUER breathing air compressor units. Custom-designed filling panels can also be supplied.

Similarly, remote instrument panels for switching the compressor unit on and off remotely and for remote monitoring of the compressor unit can also be integrated into external BAUER filling panels, e.g.:

  • A fault warning lamp to indicate technical faults and shut down the compressor unit automatically
  • A status lamp to indicate the current operating status of the compressor
  • A warning lamp to indicate the saturation of the filter cartridge and thus the need to replace the filter cartridge (only for compressors equipped with B-SECURUS filter monitoring)

Dane techniczne

External BAUER filling panels
Filling valves Dimensions (L × W × H) mm
1 filling valve 135 × 196 × 140
2 filling valves 446 × 269 × 160
4 filling valves 1140 × 138 × 183
6 filling valves 1200 × 138 × 183
10 filling valves 1120 × 352 × 370


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