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B-MASTER – paintball filling system

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B-MASTER – paintball filling system
B-MASTER – paintball filling system



For filling standard pressure vessels for paintballing

Pressure vessel sizes: 0.8 l; 1.1 l; 1.5 l; 1.9 l

Filling pressures: 200 bar / 300 bar

The B-MASTER filling panel serves to fill compressed air cartridges in the high pressure ranges of 200 or 300 bar, primarily for paintball markers.

The B-MASTER filling panel is mounted externally, i.e. suitable piping is to be routed between the compressor and filling panel.
Using a t-connector, the pressure supply line can be distributed to additional panels (when filling several cartridges at the same pressure).

The filling pressure in the pressure vessel is displayed via a pressure gauge in bar/psi.
In the B-MASTER MAXI, the safety valve is mounted as standard (otherwise as an option) so that the pressure supply does not have to be protected to 200 or 300 bar here.

The safety valve is set at the factory. The high-performance filling valve is rust-proof and has a service life of several hundred thousand switching cycles.
The filling hose is bled automatically once you let go of the operating lever.
A silencer reduces the level of noise that occurs.

The filling coupling fits all standard paintball nipples and is equipped with a check valve. The valve prevents the filling hose from moving around in the event that it is accidentally activated without a marker being attached.

Dane techniczne

  Number of filling valves Number of pressure ranges Safety valve Pressure reducer
MINI filling panel 1 1
MIDI filling panel 2 1
MAXI filling panel ¹ 1 2



¹ Suitable for the direct connection of the filling panel to a storage unit with a max. storage pressure of 420 bar
In conjunction with additional filling panels, the MAXI filling panel is ideal for establishing a filling line with an alternative filling pressure (e.g. additional MIDI filling panels with 300 and 200 bar)
The filling pressure in the pressure vessel is displayed via a pressure gauge in bar/psi.


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