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KAP 23, 1300 – 1480 l/min

KAP 23 – The professional high-pressure compressor series with electric drive for maximum performance requirements in continuous operation

BAUER KAP 23 breathing air compressor, open
BAUER KAP 23 high-pressure compressor, closed
BAUER KAP 23 breathing air compressor, open
BAUER KAP 23 high-pressure compressor, closed


Open or closed design: Tailored to meet the needs of your application

Fully automatic compressor control: B-CONTROL MICRO

Little space required: Thanks to compact horizontal design

External P 120 filter system: External P 120 filter system: Providing clean breathing air conforming to DIN EN 12021¹, the standard for breathing air 15,000 m³ of air can be treated

The KAP 23 series by BAUER is able to meet exacting performance requirements under the toughest conditions in professional applications.

These powerful horizontal stationary compressor units are available in open or fully closed versions for both PN 330 bar.

Evidence of more than 70 years' experience and the excellent know-how of our test and development centre can be found in every one of the powerful compressor blocks.

The key characteristics of the blocks, which are the result of absolute dedication to design, intelligent in-depth solutions and high-quality materials, combine outstanding reliability and long service life.

The 4-stage construction of the compressor blocks (IK 23) and the use of high-performance industrial ball bearings along with plateau-honed plasma-nitrided cylinders are the key to the units' extremely long service life.

The high-pressure final stage is equipped with piston rings featuring a special chrome-plated finish. A zero-maintenance low-pressure oil pump is responsible for the safe and reliable lubrication of the surfaces of the cylinders.

Operators can choose from a selection of electric motors to drive their applications.

¹ If the units are maintained and installed correctly as described in the user manual and subject to the BAUER AERO-GUARD being used if CO2 concentration in the intake air exceeds prescribed standard values.

Dane techniczne

KAP 23 breathing air compressor, 90 – 350 bar, 1300 – 1480 l/min: With electric motor
Effective free air delivery ¹ Number of
compressor stages
Motor output
  l/min m³/h cfm   rpm kW
KAP 23-40-E 1300 78 46 4 1200 30
KAP 23-50-E 1480 89 52 4 1400 37

¹ Measured with cylinder filling from 0 to 200 bar (0 to 3000 psi), ±5%


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